Monday, July 20, 2009

Rachel's "Letter From a Believer"

 ***Warning!  What follows could have a powerful effect on you.***

Writing this (as humor) had a powerful - and altogether surprising - effect on me.  You are forewarned....

Originally written in late 2004.   Before the debt crisis.  Talk about a premonition!

P.S.  Myself?  I never saw the Passion of the Christ.  



My name is Rachel.  And my walk with the Lord has been a humble one.  For that reason I take no credit for what I need to write here.  I write only what the Lord has laid on me, a burden I wish had never been mine, but I must do it for the sake of my children.

We have a Christian household.  We seek the Lord daily.  In our effort to save our little ones from the agenda of paganism, we determined to school them at home.  That is my sacred duty and I try to fulfill it as I can.

Each morning I lay out the children’s lessons and then we join hands and pray to our Savior.  We ask for guidance and strength to study diligently and progress in our walk and our learning.  Each child chooses a verse to learn for that day.
My husband is a truck driver.  We pray for his safe travels with the Lord.  To feel close to their father on earth as well as their Father in Heaven, they choose their scriptures from the same trucker Testament he carries on every trip, one that begins, “Have you ever traveled the Romans road?”

For those reading this, who may not be saved, I pray our Savior will touch your heart as he has touched ours.  Please accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, if only for me (and my little ones).  If you are on the road you can ask at almost any truck stop for a copy of The New Testament from Highway Melodies - just like ours.  It answers questions from the word of God and leads you in the steps you need to take in starting your walk with Him.
Well, maybe I wrote that too soon.  But it just poured from my heart, so I hope you’ll let me go on with my story and why I’ve been burdened to write this.  (Please don’t stop reading yet!)

So every morning we pray together.  And then the children start on their studies and work on their verses.  And I sit down with my bible to read and to pray.  Oh, I must tell you first, that I saw the Passion of the Christ along with my bible study group and again with my husband.  But I haven’t seen it with the children yet.  So don’t worry that they’re having nightmares.  No, I’ll wait a little longer till they’re old enough to take all that pain, right along with our Lord and Savior.

So this particular morning, I think it was last Thursday (oh, it’s been such a week, I’m not sure exactly!), little Matthew wanted to pick the verse where Jesus throws the moneychangers (or is it money lenders?) out of the Temple.  Matthew had been punished the day before for getting angry with his sister.  (I do try so hard to keep them out of Satan’s clutches!).  He is a very smart little boy, if I do say so.  But I try to help him walk humbly as I do.  Anyway, Matty (we call him Matty for short) reminded me that Jesus, the Christ, was angry too. 

I wish he hadn’t chosen that verse, but it’s too late for that.  The will of the Lord has now been made clear to me.  And it was through Matthew’s verse that I was led.  That and the Passion of the Christ and the Rapture we are waiting for together.

Believe me, I have prayed much over this.  But the leading of the Lord is clear.  I ask you to pray over this, whether you’re saved or not, because you must be freed of debt, I am certain, before the Rapture.

You are saved if you take Jesus as your Lord and Savior.  But that is the saving of your heart and soul.  But money lending is of Satan.  Buying and selling is of Satan.  Christmas is like the Temple.  There can be no money changing hands when it comes to Jesus.  Our precious Lord does not want his Temple to be a “den of thieves.” And I see it now, as I did the day I was saved and born again. Jesus wants me with him and I must walk as he walked.  And he was angry in the Temple about the buying and selling.

Some pictures I’ve seen show my Lord using a whip to drive those in the clutches of Satan from the Temple.  And that reminded me of the Passion of the Christ.  Yes, whatever we do to the least of them, we do to him.  Connecting Christmas with stores and malls and buying and selling is just like the lashes he took to save us from our sins.

We must stop sinning.  Credit cards are sin!  Shopping for Christmas is a sin!  Jesus whipped the moneychangers but when Jesus was whipped, it was for sins like these!

Unless we are truly saved we cannot be swept up with the Lord when the Rapture comes.  Here is my greatest reason for writing this and reaching out even to pagans with this message.  You will not be with your loved ones on the day of Rapture unless all are worthy of the Lord.  I could be separated from my children, you see!

Credit cards prove we are buying and selling.  They are just like money in God’s eyes.  And the moneychangers and moneylenders, and all who do not shun them, will be cast out, when others are lifted up, on the day of Rapture!  So, please, I beg you, heed God’s words and actions as they are faithfully recorded in the Scriptures.

Shun the malls during the Holy Season.  Pay your debts.  Work together as a family to make sure you follow biblical principles when it comes to money.  Fast and pray.  Staying home from the stores is a kind of fasting.  When you think about it that way it becomes just a bit easier.  That and thinking about the goodness of your little ones and how you do not want to be separated from them when the day of Rapture arrives.

Do right and honor the Savior.  Commit yourselves to seek the Lord daily.
“If any man serve me, let him follow me.” (John 12:26)

Please pray over this and then send it to seven people and within 6 weeks you’ll receive a blessing.        (My Pastor added this part)

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