Wednesday, January 9, 2013

OMG!!! My checks don't weigh what they say!

Just think.  If the republicans are right, then what's to become of the checks I use to pay bills? And god forbid if you use virtual checks and pay your bills via the web!

Because after all, a platinum coin, according the R's, would have to weigh in platinum its own face value. 

So when I mint money via paying a bill with a check...  these bozos think my actual, physical check should be worth what I write it for?  Even worse, if you pay your bills over the web...  your virtual check weighs nothing!  Credit cards?  OMG!

Politics - conservative style (Gangnam Guy, where are you?)...  is now interchangeable with this blog!

It seems to me that the repubs are going to bury themselves in craziness.  They are so far round the bend....  in an effort to try and defend insane policies!  And these are the folks pushing gun ownership??? 

Ban Nonsense!  And ban those who spout nonsense - from purchasing, owning, using, even carrying a gun!

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