Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vatican Concession

Now the word "concession" above has two connotations.  It means the Vatican has "conceded" - that it lacks the mojo of "authoritative communication" it has previously asserted.  A line going directly back to Christ.  Or so they claim.  Concession also means a form of purveyance, to coin a term.  Like a little kiosk - hawking wares.  It's an Opus Dei kiosk.  As it turns out.  So the "keys" to the Kingdom have been turned over to a secretive group with fingers in so many pies it gives me heartburn.

Am I making sense?  Well, after all the Vatican has now conceded that it cannot make sense!  By appointing a spokesman.  Someone to shape and mold the message.  (Yes, those exact words were used!)  Which, if you consider what Jesus said about this very topic, is a little like shaping and molding fruit.  (As in: "You will recognize them by their fruits...")  Which is a rather like finding moldy fruit (at the  PR kiosk) actually.  (I hope you're finding this humorous...)

So the long and the short of it is this:  Vatican hires U.S. journalist to help media relations. 

The journalist, to my mind, is doubly experienced in the purveying of propaganda.  Being Opus, for one thing.  And former Fox for another.  A perfect choice for a tiny piece of real estate that claims to be a State and a Religion - a type of religious Dicktatorship, which means it's male and authoritarian and merges spiritual with temporal, especially temporal power and money.  Part of an effort to "restore a climate of serenity and trust" ...

So you have a Vatican concession.  A little kiosk of PR.  Totally different from a voice crying in the wilderness who came as a witness to the WORD.


Grumbler said...

Whom does one suppose Jesus would have hired as a spin doctor?! Obviously he could have used one. By telling the simple, unvarnished truth he got himself crucified.
Of course his plans didn't align him with the one percenters of his day, the Roman governor, the usurper king, and some among the temple elite. No, he loved all of us so much he became one of us and taught us a new way to live and love. He showed us the path for our lives. He taught us God wants truth, justice, and mercy, not sacrifice.
All of us who look askance at the evil emanating from the Vatican in recent years would do well to look into our own hearts and lives and rid ourselves of whatever there is that would require spin-doctoring. If we can use the pope, the Curia, and the Catholic hierarchy as examples of how not to be followers of Christ, how not to help bring about the Kingdom, how not to protect the most vulnerable among us, it seems to me God might draw some good from all this evil as God has so famously done before.
Hocus Dei and Fix News -- and Jesus wept.

TheraP said...

Ah, Grumbler, you are a mighty writer! And good at coining terms. :-)

I love your wise advise to "look into our own hearts and lives and rid ourselves of whatever there is that would require spin-doctoring."

Along with your follow-up advice for how to assist God in drawing good from the evil. Thank you for that too!